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“Defense of faith and service to the poor” — Defending the faith and service to the poor
logoPHA is a project of re-enactment of an insight into military life of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, in the plurality of its aspects, medical care, religious, military, what it was in the thirteenth century.
The project started as a joke by the idea of ​​a handful of re-enactors, for the most part already proven Companies participating in historical re-enactment, but all equally interested in the figures of the Hospitallers in the Holy Land, of which are fascinated in addition to recognizing the historical importance and relevance both in welfare approach, Parents are the Order of Malta, both the most misunderstood aspects which the extraordinary hospital organizational capacity that reveals the capacity for planning and management not far from that required of current hospital management.
in November 2014 this common interest becomes the starting point for the construction of an experimental group that begins almost as a game to collect two challenges:
The commitment to study and attempt to interpret the sources (First Compare Rule and Statutes of the Order, so wise and recognized scholars texts such Nicolle,Lutrelle e Demurger) who are the main guides in an attempt to achieve a faithful reconstruction of clothing and environments.
The commitment in assisting and enabling collaboration under one flag, the Hospital, of re-enactors that rebuilding Hospital remain members of the original companies within which continue to participate with the usual enthusiasm, but thanks to the same companies at the same time really use further resources to men means and knowledge.
By joint efforts taking shape slowly coming to the end of the PHA 2015 staging of a group that, in addition to present itself on the evocative scene of the season 2016, He has managed to give shape to paintings of well-built Order's life scenes, by involving military figures, Religious and welfare, male and female, alongside secular universe that revolves around the reality of the Order in a tangle particularly vital.